Friday, October 11, 2013

Accent Table Re-do - Distressing with a Wet Cloth

 I am IN LOVE with this table! Of course, I was so excited that I forgot to take the before picture (again...*cough*), but that's ok! If you look at the top of the table, that was the entire table - but also with 2 broken legs. Thankfully my handy dandy hubby fixed the legs, and I set to work!

I used Annie Sloan Antibes Green Chalk Paint and mixed it with the Graphite Chalk Paint until I got this awesome deep green color. 

 After slathering on 2 coats of the green, right away, I began distressing the paint using a wet rag. I've heard of this method but didn't have much luck in the past. I found that the paint has to be really fresh, and preferably right after the last coat is applied. I distressed in the areas I wanted and was able to touch some if it back up if I took off too much paint. I couldn't believe how easy it was! You just wet the reg and start rubbing in the areas you want to distress. You have a lot of control this way, and the bonus - you don't ruin the furniture finish underneath. That is partially why I hate sand distressing. Sometimes the furniture is in excellent condition and I hate having to rough it up! This avoids that! 

Me, knowing Jack about wood - thought the top was real wood. Apparently it's a laminate of some kind over-top some kind of board. The base is solid wood though - and either way, it's still beautiful. Something about Green and brown...I just love the two mixed together. I finished this piece by waxing with clear wax, waiting overnight, and then waxing with the dark and clear wax mixed and added a little mineral spirits to make it more workable. I'm still trying to figure out this whole wax thing, but I think I put enough that I was happy with on it. 


  1. Just gorgeous! I love this technique too; I sometimes will wet my sanding sponge and distress this way; sanding and distressing in one step; plus it keeps the dust to a minimum!
    Thanks for sharing this awesome table; love the color you chose :)
    Cindy @ Diy beautify

    1. I have read about wetting a sanding sponge, but am not sure I even know what a sanding sponge is! Is that just a sanding block, I wonder? It is nice not to have the problem of dust. There sure is A LOT with chalk paint!! Thank you for the wonderful complements. :)

  2. I'm in love with your table too! You've inspired me--Thank you!

    Judy @ Season of Sweets

  3. "and the peace of God which passes all understanding will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus, our Lord." I memorized the verse you have at the top of your post many years ago.

    I love the table, Tina. It's gorgeous and I know what you mean about the top of the table not being wood. I saw one last week at a tag sale.

    Linda @ Crafts a la Mode

    1. Love that verse! Tag sale? I hear you are coming this weekend! AJ's mom was telling me about this huge flea market/yardsale type place that is open on the weekends up rt.100 towards Pottstown. We should all try and go!