Friday, February 14, 2014

Rustic Nautical Corner Cabinet Re-Do

You should have seen this corner cabinet when I got it. Y.U.C.K.Y! But of course you can't see it because once again I forgot to take the before picture. *sigh* 

But alas, you can imagine it! 

Think...knotty orange pine, broken decorative top, gross dirt build-up everywhere...and get this....BIRD POOP. Yes, bird poop was so nicely laden all over this cabinet. How that happens? Beyond me...I have no clue. But after a nice tough cleaning and scrubbing and a coat of shellac to seal it, we were on our way to achieve my vision for it.

I wanted this rustic corner cabinet to have a nautical theme - all centered around these amazing knobs. Though I knew white sells better, I really wanted to mix my Annie Sloan paints to get this awesome navy blue to match the compass rose painted knobs. In fact those knobs were the biggest investment of the whole project! 

After a few coats of the navy and white were in place, I clear waxed and followed it with the dark wax - which came out much better than I expected. 

I really love the outcome of this one! The picture doesn't do it justice, but I'm really excited to see if she sells! (If not...I would be ok keeping her too!!)

So...what are you working on this week?

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