Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Before FIAR Story Map & Story Discs

If you’re interested in using a Story Map for Before Five in a Row and Story Discs, you've come to the right place! 

I can't wait to do this once we start volume 1, but since we aren't there yet I knew I wanted some kind of soft start to geography, map reading, and even determining the setting of a story. Using the clues in the text and pictures you and your child can determine the best place to put your story discs on the Story Map. 

There are a few options in going about printing your map: 

1. Print it as an engineering print. You can print color or black and white, HOWEVER, Staples may or may not do it in color (I was denied at 2 different ones, but others I know had no problem at all - it’s worth a try if they will as it’s only about $3 for a 18”x24”). 
2. Print as a poster print for about $15 at Staples or another office store in matte or semi-gloss. 
3. The cheapest option is to print yourself spread over 6-8 sheets of paper, cut and tape it together, then just get it laminated for $1-2 depending on size. This is what I did and you can barely see the lines! (Instructions to do it this way will be below the link for the PDF file you will need to use. Use the Jpeg image for sending off to get a print from a printing company or poster sized prints from Staples.) 

Dropbox links to download each file for FREE!! - - 

**To print this on several sheets of paper and cut and tape together you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader updated. These instructions are for that (I’m sure there are other ways, this is the only one that I’m familiar with though): Open the PDF file, go to file and then down to print. Click poster, change the title scale to 225% and keep the overlap at 0.005 in. Check off the box that says ‘cut marks’ just to update and see the changes, and then uncheck the cut marks box (you will need to do this if you make any other additional changes). Make sure the orientation is in portrait mode and then print! These ratios are for about 18 x 23.5” and a really great sized map that fits all the story discs nicely! You can of course play around with the title scale ratio to see different sizes as well. Then just laminate! Cheap option and works great! 

 Once you have all this printed, consider laminating the discs and map. Then you can use either sticky putty or velcro dots to adhere to your map.



  1. Thank you so much for making this! What a great resource, we just printed our copy off! 😊

  2. This has been one of my kids' favorite activities with BFIAR. Thank you for the work you put forth to make this available. Honestly didn't expect them to love this activity so much and makes me look forward to using Story Discs when we advance to FIAR.