Saturday, September 28, 2013

Refinished Children's Rocker

This rocking chair was one of the easier projects! My younger siblings grew up sitting in this chair to watch TV or movies, and so my step-mom gave it to me for Jase to sit in and do the same. It holds so many memories, I knew it just needed a little clean-up and restoration and it would be good as new! 

Here's the before:

A friend of mine did the first coat of DIY chalk paint, and I did the next one. After the second coat, I distressed and waxed. Lastly, I glazed where the details of the rabbit and bear were in the back of the seat to help make them pop a bit, and spray painted the seat with a brown I had lying around in my paint cabinet. 

I like the way it turned out, but boy this distressing stuff makes me all distressed sometimes! It's so hard to see such a nicely painted piece all roughed up in random spots! But...once you step away (gotta step away) for a bit, even take a break and come back to it, you begin to see with a fresh pair of eyes. :)

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