Saturday, September 28, 2013

Vintage Reclaimed Window turned Coffee Table

My husband is so amazing, no truly, he is. 

I bought these windows off of craigslist - $3 a piece. 

And because Pinterest and Etsy are amazing for inspiration, I found the idea of turning an old window into a coffee table and knew we HAD to try it! I had the old window, AJ had the skills to build the coffee table, and I knew I wanted to try my hand at refinishing. 

Well, I kept hearing all this stuff about chalk paint - so I figured it was time to try it. Thing was - the $$ wasn't exactly there to purchase the expensive stuff, and honestly, I didn't see the point at the time because I knew I could make it. So I made the country red color using unsanded grout, water, and latex paint, and covered the entire surface of the table, inside and out, with the red.

Then I painted the outside of the table with a paint and primer in one, a creamy white, and distressed it (this was soooo hard to do for someone like me, a perfectionist!). Once distressed, the beautiful country red undertones really started to pop on through. 

We threw on some beautiful hinges, the handles, waxed her with clear wax, and then finished with a DIY dark wax to really age and antique the piece. What a difficult task!! It was hard to do the dark wax, but it really made the trim contrast nice next to the white.

We sold this piece for $250 in less than 24 hours! And, we found a hobby that my husband and I both enjoy doing! Win win if you ask me! 

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